Monday, October 22, 2012

Flaunting your brand through OOH advertising media!

The simplest understanding of outdoor advertising is any type of advertisement that is accessible through an out of home channel such as a billboard display, wall poster, a kiosk ad, a transit vehicle, a bus shelter ad etc. Outdoor advertising is one of the conventional means of promoting a brand or service among potential customers.  Over the last few years, outdoor advertising industry has gone through various changes.  New tools have been inducted in OOH Advertising domain; many avenues of promotion have also been introduced. However, in this blog, let us find out how outdoor advertising is a right means of flaunting any type of brand message. 

An OOH Ad display presents a brand message in an attractive manner. Customers cannot ignore an OOH ad display that hits their eyeballs. Brand messages conveyed through outdoor media are usually interesting ones. Customers therefore fondly remember the brand messages. It is also worth noting that an OOH ad display is omnipresent i.e. customers can view the brand message round the clock, week or even month. A repeated view of the brand message provides good recall on customers’ mind. They are therefore motivated to try out the product.  On various other circumstances, such as irrelevance of the brand message or lesser requirement of the product, one can also refer the brand message to friends or relatives. In both ways the brand message is not wasted and thus reaches out to potential buyers.
An outdoor advertising display also provides locational advantage to customers. Customers most often find an OOH ad display a convenient landmark or direction to a particular place. In this manner, those customers unconsciously form a fond impression about the brand.  If this impression lasts long and becomes stronger, those customers may probably consider of buying the product. It’s not just for a particular brand; most of the OOH ads leave a positive impression about brands on customers’ mind.